Had a great day!

Fished with Ron and Tim and Mat. We lost count at over 20 something on the big jacks .  Also caught some nice gag groupers .

They are regular customers and we always have a great time.


Gag Grouper

jack, permit



Started out with 6 nice jacks. And now catching trout and snapper. Cloudy day storm headed our way and time to head for home.



They said only 80 percent chance of rain… they were wrong again. It never stop pouring all day. We still put together a nice catch with 8 very large jacks and plenty of trout up to 21″ wet cold but (I loved it ) had a blast

jack, permit


Prety little tarpon caught by Dr. Ralph.



Nice day on the water with chet.  We caught trout up to 22″ and a few really nice snook.


Chet and Snook

Tarpon: Florida Keys has started out with an incredible tarpon season. Because of the fact we basically had no winter and the water temperatures stayed warm, the tarpon have been in the Keys since early February. In the Upper Keys and Flamingo we have been catching tarpon up to 180 pounds in large numbers. I feel like it is going to be one of best tarpon seasons we have had in a long time.

13 year old Dilon Calfone fighting a tarpon!

Snook fishing has made a big come back and seems to have recovered very well since the cold weather we had 3 years ago, which wiped out so much of the population. FWC is expected to open snook season in September, 2012 in Monroe County (The Keys and parts of the Everglades). Personally I would like to see it stay closed for another year or two, with catch and release only to give the population more time to grow.

Spotted sea trout fishing has been nothing short of fantastic. FWC has opened trout season year round now, but did not make any changes to slot size or bag limit. We have been catching trout up to 25″.

Redfish in the Flamingo area, Everglades National Park, has made large areas of the Snake Bite “pole and troll areas only”. The resulting effect has been a very large increase in both quantity and size of redfish. It has also increased the redfish population in other nearby areas of the park. I must be honest, I was not in favor of this “pole and troll only areas”, but now I must say it was a great call and has done wonders in increasing the redfish population in the area.

So to sum up my little speech, I will try to keep my comments on the lighter side.

Florida saltwater fishing report, Florida Keys, EvergladesFISHING IS GREAT IN THE FLORIDA KEYS, COME AND HAVE SOME FUN!!!

So give me a call would love to take you fishing,
Captain Mitch Mitchell

Hi this is Capt. Mitch with Reel Chaos Charters with your Saltwater Fishing App report for the backcountry of Key Largo on Friday June 17, 2011

Well this week has been really hot, in the low 90’s all week long and the wind is gone.  What this means is that you need to do your fishing early in the morning  or late in the afternoon during this kind of heat.  The mid part of day the water temperatures are up and the fish are taking a siesta. 

The bite this week has been outstanding, we have had a full moon this week and the night time Tarpon and Snook fishing has been nothing less than fantastic.   We are also getting a lot of the big Snook early in the mornings.  FWC has declared Snook season closed except for catch and release in Monroe County, Everglades National Park and the West Coast of Florida until August 31, 2012.

I know that some of you don’t like this closure, but as a guide who fishes these waters daily, I am not seeing any small Snook whatsoever.   Which means,  that we have no future stock of Snook to take the place of the ones that would be kept, if the season were to be open.  So lets hope that the breeding of the Snook population will bounce back. So please, if you are catching Snook and releasing them, please handle with extreme care.

As far as the Tarpon are concerned, they seem to be everywhere right now.  We are also catching them in the day time, but by far the night time bite is much better.  Spotted Sea Trout bite this week has also been excellent, FWC is talking about raising the daily limit and shortening the closed season.

So if you’d like to have some fun, give me a call at 305-587-1150 or check out my website: Reel Chaos Charters.com,or fish key largo .net  I have two boats available a 21’ Release, that I can take up to 4 people and also I have a 17’ Hells Bay.  Whatever your skill level from beginners to experts, just give me a call and we can put a together  a  fishing package  that will fit your needs.

So until next week tight lines and don’t forget folks, that bananas are bad luck on boats, so leave the bananas at home.