March 2011

Hi this is Capt. Mitch with Reel Chaos Charter with your Saltwater Fishing  report for Key Largo on Friday April 1st.

We have had another beautiful week here in the Florida Keys.   The wind has really been blowing this week, but we have been fishing everyday and catching lots of fish.

Glad to see the end of March, means we are that much closer to Tarpon season.  I have been seeing a lot of Tarpon this week along the islands and shore lines of the upper Keys. 

The wind has been blowing so hard this week that we actually caught 2 sailfish in Adam Cut on live pin fish and jumped off one Blue Marlin.   Amazing to see these fish in 6 feet of water.  Okay, just kidding, April Fools:-)

Now,  for the fishing report, Again this week we started out with a fantastic catch of very large spotted Sea Trout.

The water temperature has been 77 to 80 degrees and the big Snook and Tarpon has really started showing up.

The bite has been a little tough on the Snook and Tarpon with the high Westerly winds that we have had this week,   looks like it will carry thru the weekend. And lets hope that things start to calm down

There has been a lot more Redfish again this week, and the big Jacks are in the back country, even the Sharks have been hiding in this west wind.

Lets hope April brings us calmer weather and let’s get to the Tarpon fishing.


Reel Chaos Charters Spotted Sea Trout catchWe have had another beautiful week here in the Florida Keys.  The week started out very windy, but the bite has really been picking up as the water temperatures have continued to climb.

Again this week we started out with a fantastic catch of very large spotted Sea Trout and even had reports of one up to 27″ in length.

This week the Snook bite has really picked up, we have caught them up to 14 lbs.

There has been a lot more Redfish again this week, in the 18″ to 22″ range.

The big Jacks are back, and they are a lot of fun to catch.  You can usually see them coming with a large push in the water and they are tearing up all the bait fish that are in the area.  Just cast a plug or even any kind of bait and hang on.

Reel Chaos Charters Shark catchAlso, this week we have caught some nice size Bull Sharks in the Upper Key Largo area.  They are coming in targeting the trout that we are catching, so I always keep one rod set with a wire leader and 8/0 circle hook, to really have some fun.

The smaller tarpon are starting to show up in the upper keys and in another 3 or 4 weeks Tarpon fishing should be very good.  Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!

We have had another beautiful week here in the Florida Keys.  Today temperatures reached 83 degrees and the fishing has been outstanding.  Again this week we started out with a fantastic catch of very large spotted Sea trout (up to 23″ in length) and very fat.

There are a lot of Redfish and Snook along the shore lines of Upper Key Largo.  Just another friendly reminder that Snook season is closed until September in Monroe County, but we can still catch and release.

This week, we have had a great bite of Permit.  On Thursday we released two in the 20# range and earlier in the week we caught several other Permit in the 5-10# range, all of them were caught on live shrimp.

Summer is here, water temperature is getting warmer and fishing is getting ready really turn on.

The smaller Tarpon are starting to show up in the Upper Keys and the big ones will be right behind them.  Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!

Capt. Mitch

The charter today was great, I took out Bob and Patrick from Pennsylvania.  We caught redfish, trout, snapper, and sharks.  The trout we caught today were big, nothing under 20 inches.  Saw my first tarpon of the season, too bad we couldn’t get them to bite, they were between 100 and 120 pounds.  Everything we caught was released to fight another day.  We should have pictures to post in a couple of days.

Great story for you.  I was waiting with another guide this morning for Bob and Patrick to arrive so that we could head out, when the other guide turned to me and said, “Hey, Mitch.  This guy wants to bring contraband aboard my boat.”  So I turned and looked and said “What?  He wants to bring bananas aboard?”  Sure enough the other guy wanted to bring those horrible fish repellents aboard.  So I told the guy that if he insists on bringing bananas aboard that he might as well not even leave the dock.  The other guide was laughing and told the man to just leave them on the piling because he could promise that they would still be there.  So with a bit of reluctance he left the banana and they left.

A few minutes later Bob and Patrick show up, and sure enough, in their bags I could see the bananas.  I had to laugh as I told him to just leave the bananas on the piling.  After a few minutes of persuasion they left them next to the other one.  Sure enough, when we got back those bananas were still sitting there.  See, some superstitions really are true.

I am really looking forward to fishing with Bob and Patrick again tomorrow.  I really hope we have another wonderful day on the water.

This week the weather has been fantastic, lots of sun and warm temperatures.  We have had a little bit of wind to deal this week.  But the fishing has been excellent with a great bite of some very large trout up to 25 inches.

The snook bite has been getting better every day with large numbers having been caught and released.  Just a reminder that snook season will stay closed till the end of September.

I have also been catching a good number of large sheepshead on live shrimp, and the snapper bite is red hot.

There has been a fair number of tarpon showing up early this year.  My favorite time of year, if you have never caught a tarpon, then you really need to do it.  They don’t call them the silver king for nothing.

Tarpon season generally starts mid April and runs to around September.  So if you are sitting around looking out the window at snow and putting off going out to shovel it.  Forget it,  jump in your car or catch the next plane and come on down to Sunny Key Largo, Florida and “lets go fishing.”